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We are excited to announce this year’s Institute for Youth Justice (IYJ) program that aims to bring

together the youth of Spartanburg County. Since its inception, in 2017, this initiative has been

meticulously crafted to empower youth with a comprehensive understanding of the justice system,

both on a personal and professional level. IYJ’s goal is to equip our youth with the knowledge

and skills necessary to understand the inter-workings of the justice system with hands-on education

and to equip our youth to contribute meaningfully, with what they learn to enhance their lives for

a better understanding of being a productive constituent, and for those who have a desire to pursue

a career in the justice and law enforcement field.

Program Overview

The Institute has been designed with a hands-on approach, encompassing various aspects of the

justice system to provide youth with a well-rounded education. Throughout the sessions, you can

expect to delve into the following key areas:

1. Introduction to the Justice System:

Understand the fundamental principles and structure of the justice system.

Explore the soles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders, including law enforcement, judiciary, and legal professionals.


2. Legal Right and Responsibilities:

Educate youth about their legal rights as a citizen.

Foster an understanding of civic duties and responsibilities, encouraging active participation in the democratic process.


3. Criminal Justice Process:

Provide insights into the stages of criminal proceedings, from investigations to sentencing.

Explain the significance of due process and the rights of the accused.


4. Social Justice and Equity:

Engage in discussions about social justice issues, systemic biases, and inequality within the justice system.

Promote awareness and empathy towards marginalized communities.


5. Building Professional Skills:

Develop communication, critical thinking, problem solving skills essential for careers within the justice system.

Provide guidance on pursuing higher education and vocational training opportunities related to justice and law.



Program Format

The Institute for Youth Justice will consist of interactive workshops, guest lectures from

experienced professionals, group discussions, case studies, and field visits. These diverse learning

experiences are designed to enhance student’s comprehension of the justice system and enable

them to apply this knowledge in real-world scenarios. We are confident that this program will not

only broaden student’s perspective but also inspire them to become proactive advocates for justice

and positive change in their communities. We encourage students to actively participate, ask

questions, and engage with peers to make the most out of this enriching experience. We look

forward to embarking on this journey together, empowering youth to become informed,

compassionate, and responsible citizens who can contribute meaningfully to society.

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